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Oh hey there.

I'm so happy you're reading this. I really am. I'm really happy because if you're reading this it means you've taken time out of your day to hear a little bit about my dream; and really nothing is more flattering.

My name is Harleena. I'm a twenty-something-yr-old living in Toronto and I want to take this moment to welcome you to well, me. Lumos & Nox is me. It's everything about me and everything I hope to be. 

From designing pieces, custom work, idea making, sourcing, branding, website design, social media, in person sales, wholesaling, customer service and everything else involving business, I do it all. #GirlBoss Crazy right? But when you love something enough it stops feeling like work and starts feeling like something more.

I launched Lumos & Nox 2 years ago today, well yesterday :P. And it began humbly with painted dinosaurs under the name 'DinoGemz'.

( My first sale ^ )

Since then I've expanded my line to over 70 products with loads of variations. I'm so damn proud. I truly believe if you can allow yourself to be proud and if you can believe in yourself then you can honestly do whatever you freakin' want. 

( My fav piece ^ )

This is just a 'lil e-meet and greet but keep visiting the blog to find out more about Lumos & Nox. I'll be posting new products and even deets on the making of products. 

Thanks for stoping by!